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Visit Woolamai Beach on Phillip Island

Visit Woolamai Beach on Phillip Island

In summertime, the longer days mean we have time to visit Woolamai Beach on Phillip Island. Woolamai Beach is the longest beach on Phillip Island, with approximately 4.2 kilometres of sand. The beach faces south and is one of the best beach breaks for surfers near Melbourne.

It is a great additional to the Phillip Island Day Tour to visit Woolamai Beach when the extra daylight hours allow.

Cape Woolamai

At the western end of Woolamai Beach you can see Cape Woolamai in the distance. The ancient pink granite makes it an eye-catching backdrop to the waves crashing in on the sand. The area is a wildlife conservation area for short-tailed shearwaters (also known as mutton birds). They come to nest on this part of the island from April to May after a long migration from Alaska.

Surfing aT Woolamai beach

Woolamai Beach has been declared a National Surfing Reserve. This is in recognition of its rich surfing heritage and pristine natural environment. Local surfers can often be seen out catching the waves, and if the carpark is full it’s a sign the swell is good. On the weekends surfers from Melbourne make the journey down to Phillip Island to join in the fun as well.

Swimming aT Woolamai beach

Swimming is not recommended at Woolamai Beach. The strong currents and dangerous rips mean the beach is best for experienced ocean swimmers only. Woolamai Beach lifesaving club patrol the beach in summertime, with red and yellow flags to make the safe part of the beach for swimming. They average around 55 rescues which is one of the highest in the State.

If you visit Woolamai Beach on Phillip Island, be sure to bring your camera. Venture down to the sand and you can check out the local surfers in action. Take a walk along the beach with the towering pink granite headland in the distance. And on a hot day, dip your feet in the water, but be careful not to go in too deep!